DOBCEL Consultative Committee Vacancies

" The DOBCEL Board provides opportunities for members of the diocesan education community, and others with relevant expertise, to participate in the mission of DOBCEL, to assist its governance and decision making and to inform faithful stewardship of the mission through DOBCEL Consultative Committees.

A range of vacancies exists across the DOBCEL Consultative Committees. These committees are an invaluable opportunity to ensure that the work of the Board and CEB reflects the needs of DOBCEL school communities right across the Diocese. Typically, the committees meet once each term for a duration of 90-120 Minutes. The opportunity exists to attend face-to-face or virtually.  For volunteers to the organisation, compensation for expenses is available. 

Opportunities exist for parents/guardians/carers with a child/children enrolled in a DOBCEL School to join one of the following; 

  • Catholic Faith Community & Culture Consultative Committee
  • Children & Young People Safeguarding & Wellbeing Consultative Committee
  • Family and Community Engagement Consultative Committee
  • Learning and Teaching Consultative Committee

In the event of multiple nominations, the Board will invite Consultative Committee members on the basis of the general balance of the committee, taking into account factors such as gender, diversity, skill mix, location, school size, etc.

For more information please contact Jo Mckee or speak with your school principal. Expressions of interest are open until Wednesday, 26th April."

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The Project Compassion Caritas Easter Raffle

Caritas is the Catholic Church's international aid and development agency in Australia. They are committed to working alongside the most vulnerable and addressing the imbalance of power by including the people affected in the decisions impacting their lives.

Our school and Catholic Identity Leadership Group are running the Easter Egg Raffle fundraiser to donate to Caritas. We invite families to donate Easter prizes which can be dropped into the school office and in the last two weeks of school, we will sell raffle tickets for 50 cents outside the library. 

The theme of Project Compassion 2023 is ‘For All Future Generations’ and reminds us that the good we do today extends to impact the lives of generations to come.

By donating to Project Compassion, Caritas Australia, the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development, can work with local communities around the world to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Caritas donation boxes were also sent home last week. Every little bit helps so if small change can be collected and boxes returned to the school office before the end of term that would be great.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  

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EBT Cadbury Fundraiser

Permission forms went home this week for families to elect to participate in our EBT Cadbury fundraiser. If you would like a box sent home, please return the permission slip or send through a Class Dojo to Emma Ryan. We are also happy to take cash donations if you do not wish to sell chocolates but this is of course optional. 

Preferably boxes are to be paid through CDFPay or cash can be brought to the school office in the envelopes provided.  Chocolates are 50 cents each, $60 per box.

The aim of this fundraiser is to help raise money to purchase some new trikes for this years Energy Breakthrough in November. 

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School Approved Scrunchies

School approved Scrunchies are for sale in the school foyer for $5 each. $1 from each scrunchie sold goes to our Energy Breakthrough Program. Lots of different patterns and colours available so come check them out!

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2023 School Fees & Levies

REMINDER - Resource Fees are now overdue and need to be paid ASAP (if not done so already). Payment can be made via EFTPOS or cash at the school office, credit card over the phone or direct deposit to our account. 

For approved Concession Card holders the CSEF discount will be applied by the end of term 2. 

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If you call the office and the phone is unattended or busy, please leave a message. Messages are checked regularly throughout the day. Often there is only one person in the office and they may be busy on another call or with a student or parent.  Alternatively you can email a message through to or send a class dojo through to Ms O'Kearney.  Please try and avoid last minute end of day changes for students. We understand that things do come up and if a change needs to be urgently relayed to your child/ren, please call and speak with the office so we can make sure they get the message immediately.  

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Bell times

5 minutes prior to classes commencing there is music played. This signals to the children it is time to start moving to class. This is the time children need to have a drink, go to the toilet etc. so they are lined up and ready to start class when the bell goes. 

8:30am - Yard Care Supervision begins

8:40am  -  Classroom teacher in classroom - meet & greet

8:55pm - School classes begin

9am-11am - 2 hour learning session

11am-11:40am -  First break

11:40am-1:40pm - 2 hour learning session

1:40pm-2:20pm - Second break

2:20pm-3:15pm - 55 minute learning session

3:10pm - Fiscalini & Flanagan dismissal

3:15pm - Arundell & Scanlan, Bus students dismissal

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Students with underlying conditions

Recent and most up to date information for children in schools:

Students with underlying conditions (such as hay fever or asthma)

If a student has persistent symptoms due to an underlying condition such as hay fever or asthma, the student should still be tested for COVID-19 if they develop symptoms that are different to or worse than their usual symptoms. Students whose symptoms are clearly typical for their underlying condition can continue to attend school.

Parents/carers should also consider getting a medical certificate from the child’s treating GP to confirm that it is safe for them to attend school with persistent symptoms that may overlap with some of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough or runny nose.

Young children with persistent mild symptoms

For younger children (in Prep to Year 2) who have had a negative COVID-19 test that was taken after they developed symptoms, the decision about return to school should be made in conjunction with the child’s treating GP. If the GP is satisfied the child has recovered from their acute illness, is otherwise well and does not need a repeat COVID-19 test, the child can return even if they are not completely free of symptoms. Any worsening of symptoms will require review and repeat COVID-19 testing, if considered appropriate by the doctor.

Students with a negative COVID-19 test whose symptoms have completely resolved do not need a medical certificate to return to school.

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Uniform Shop

All orders are to be placed through CDFPay Orders will continue to be filled once a week and sent home with your child(ren). 

We are still experiencing delays with our suppliers. If you have items on backorder these will be filled and sent home as soon as we can. 

If you have any queries or items to be exchanged, please come to the school office. 

Bucket hats will be available for sale from the school office but we are currently waiting on stock to arrive.

Note: There is no longer a designated period for summer or winter uniform. Students can choose what they would like to wear in any season. The only exception is that sports uniform must be worn on designated sports days and bucket hats are to be worn in Term 1 and 4.

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Child Safety

St. Augustine's Primary School Maryborough demonstrates a strong commitment to the care, safety and wellbeing of all students at our school.

Each fortnight we will be sharing information around child safety and the obligations that we have as a school, staff and community.  All of our Child Safe policies and procedures are accessible on our website at

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Principals Letter

Dear St Augustine's families,


LITERACY WORKSHOP EVENING  Last night, the Foundation/Year 1 teachers presented a Literacy workshop for families to share some of the strategies we use in teaching literacy to the children. A very big thank you to the teachers Bella, Moira and Julie and a huge thank you to all families who came out and enjoyed some literacy time with their children.

UNIFORM BLITZ At St Augustines we explicitly teach about the curriculum areas such as literacy and numeracy but also we teach explicitly about expected and acceptable behaviours through our STAR framework. Stay safe Take pride Act justly Respond positively.

Taking pride in our belongings and each other is our current blitz for us at the moment. All children must be in full school uniform unless a note from home is produced. Anyone who is out of uniform will receive an out of uniform note, which we expect to be signed by a parent/carer and the issue rectified. Pride in uniform and pride in being part of the St Augustine's school community is an expectation. Thank you for your support in this matter. Please contact me directly if you have any ongoing issues with this.
Some points for clarity:* Sports tops/uniform are only to be worn on sports days* EBT tops can only be worn after EBT in November* NO jewelry or nail polish - watches and STUDS ONLY  accepted (sleepers can be ripped out of ears in play) * Plain white, crew height socks for sport - must be above ankle and no logo* All black shoes without colour or logo  

SUPERVISION BEFORE SCHOOL We do ask that children do not arrive before 8:30am as there is no outside supervision before then. If on occasions, you have to drop off your child/ren early they must sit in the corridor until the 8:30am bell. Please make contact if this is an issue for your family. Thank you for your support in this matter. 

SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL AGM AND P&F AGM TUESDAY 21st MARCH Nomination close Friday 17th March 

PARENTS & FRIENDS GATHERING FRIDAY 24th MARCH Would you like to be involved in some fundraising opportunities or organsing events for children or our school pizza days, subway days, Trivia night, Twilight Fair. We are going to have a meeting on Friday 24th March at 2:30pm  in the Marian Centre at school to start organising some of these things. Or just come along and find out what goes on. We have not been able to have these gatherings over the past few years so it would be great to start back up again. Tea, coffee, biscuits supplied. Toddlers welcome.

BUSHWAHZEE -  TUESDAY 4th April - ALL FAMILIES INVITED One of our focus areas for this year is re-engaging with our family and parent community. After the interruption of COVID and the strict rules around schools in not being able to have people onsite we are now more keen than ever to reengage with our school community.
Bushwahzee is one of these very opportunities to invite families along to our school and enjoy some learning moments with your children. Bushwahzee is a travelling Bush band that comes into schools, teaches the children some bush dances and then at the end of the day the children present their dances in a concert style celebration. All families will be invited to come along that evening to enjoy the dances learnt across the day. More details to come but put this on your calendar so you don't miss it. 

Wishing all families an enjoyable extra long weekend this weekend and a reminder that Tuesday is a pupil free day so students do not come to school. St Augustine's has partnered with Corwin Press and Melbourne University to deliver Professor John Hattie's research on Visible Learning. Professor John Hattie believes that every student should experience at least one year's growth over the course of one school year. Through this research, Visible Learning assists schools to develop systems and learners who can articulate what and how they are learning and where to next. Hattie identifies high impact learning strategies which our school is now developing further through these closure days. I thank you for your support in these closure days.

Prayer for Lent

Lord, Teach me a new freedom.

Freedom to reject comparison And to embrace uniqueness.

Freedom to cut ties with greed And feast on love.

Freedom to abstain from over indulgence And feast on self-control.

Freedom to leave behind selfish thoughts And to focus on the needs of others.

Freedom to fend off insecurity And to embrace grace.

Lord, at this time of Lent, Thank you for the freedom you bring.


Many Blessings,

Mrs Sonia Turner


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Bus Travel

With the upcoming Winter sport season approaching, students are able to travel on alternate bus’s or joining a bus route for Training nights throughout the winter months. Please contact Heather Jennings ASAP to organise a bus pass. 

We are nearing capacity for some routes so the extra travellers will need to be recorded.

Bus travel on the country buses is available for students at St Augustine’s School and arrangements are made through the bus co-ordinator, Heather Jennings, at the Maryborough Education Centre on 5461 7900.  Parents of the student/s must organise the pass through MEC at least two days prior to travel. Students cannot travel on the country buses without a pass. The town bus does not require a pass but costs 50cents a trip, payable on the day of travel.  Please advise the office if your child will be travelling on any of the buses so we can update our bus rolls.


All bus travel requires parents/guardians to complete a Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Application for Permission to Travel form prior to any bus travel. This form can be emailed direct to Heather Jennings at MEC, It is important that this form is completed as these details will be used in the event of an emergency.

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Parking & Road Safety

There are three minute parking bays in Burke Street outside the school entrance.  Your co-operation in only parking in this area for the specified time would be appreciated.  These parking bays are for quick pick up and drop off for students leaving early due to appointments and illness.

Likewise we also ask parents to respect the parking restriction on the disabled parking area.

Parking behind the church & tennis courts is STAFF ONLY parking. Please do not use these areas to park or pickup your children. Vehicle movement in and out of these areas means you are driving over footpaths/walkways which both our students and Highview students are using. This creates a potential safety hazard.

Follow road safety regulations, keep driveways clear, check carefully before reversing and avoid letting your children exit or enter a car whilst on the road or stopped at the crossings. Please do not double park. We all want to keep our families safe so your co-operation is appreciated.

Please observe road rules around our school for the safety of all of our children.

* Schools have 40km zone.

* Parking behind the church & tennis courts is STAFF ONLY parking.

* Please use the children's crossing on Burns, Kars St and Burke St.

* For safety purposes, please avoid letting your children exit or enter a car whilst on the road or stopped at the crossings. Please do not double park. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

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PAM - Parent Access Module


We require ALL families to complete and update their child/ren’s medical details and contact information for 2023 through PAM and throughout the year as changes occur. 

This information is mandatory and vital in the case of an emergency.   It is important that if you have any change to your contact numbers, including work place, mobile, home number, that these be updated through PAM and to advise the school office.

To complete your child/rens medical profile including contact information, go to PAM, click on your child/rens name, go to 'Medical Profile' and click 'Edit Details'. Complete details then click in the box at the bottom of the page to confirm the details are correct and click ‘Update Details’.

If you have any questions or require your login details, please contact the school office.

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All orders must be placed through CDFPay prior to 9.00am Fridays.   Please ensure you complete all orders on CDFPay and proceed through payment screen to the green receipt screen.

Please contact the office if you are having any issues with your CDFPay account. 

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Advanced dates for your diary

School Closure Days

Monday 13th March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 14th March - Staff PD

Term 1 School Holidays - Friday 7th - 25th April 

Monday 24th April - Staff PD

Monday 9th October - Staff PD

Please see the link to the school calendar below for all other important dates.

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